About Vs

Alongside painters Ryan Watkins and Dan Smyth, Lucy was awarded a 6 month residency at The Royal Standard Liverpool, which begun in November 2016. Lucy, Ryan and Dan are three painters who make very different work. Although they love to discuss art, they value the act of ‘making’ and pride themselves on being extremely active artists.

During the six-month period of working at The Royal Standard; these artists devised a program in which they work under the instructions of other people. They are keen to explore and push their ideas through the minds of others. The vision is to create art which has evolved from the curatorial ideas of renowned artists – both locally and globally. During this residency, these painters built relationships with a variety of curators, painters and other creatives who they asked to dictate frameworks (to) within which they must create art. This group of people were required to deliberately challenge and endeavour to undermine Lucy's, Ryan's and Dan's artistic ability; thus allowing them the opportunity to defy their normative artistic practice whilst driving their individual/collaborative practices further. The structure that they proposed ensured that they remained a constant within this format. As they are all predominantly painters, they constructed this plan as a way of testing painting now; whilst trying to work out what it means to paint today. This is also the challenge that they presented to their invited guests – how to really test the validity of painting.

The surrender of their initial control is a concept that greatly excited them as they were completely unaware of which direction this project would turn; however, the artists endeavoured to regain control within their physical outcomes. The strategy of putting themselves at the mercy of others, would in some ways prove to be a battle of the wills; hence the name – ‘Vs’. The instructions they were given became the root to which not only their work developed, but also a visible journey for the public to witness the thought processes.

A public exhibition commenced every 6 weeks, showcasing the outcomes of each chosen creative’s theme. Towards the end of the six-month period, this format changed and 'Vs' bidded goodbye to this project with an exciting farewell.

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